Why is Made in USA important?
We want to ensure the best quality and the best customer experience. Our high-quality tools and components are ONLY made in the USA. Beware of cheap, imported imitation products – insist on the real thing.

2. What makes your product better than the competition?
We design and build products with the needs of law enforcement and public safety in mind. Our metal products utilize quality heat-treated steel. Our molded compounds contain a unique, heavy-duty formula (patent pending). We are the originators and innovators in this field.

3. How does the guarantee work?
Just go to our Warranty page for instructions.

4. Are the keys guaranteed, too?
Our keys are fully guaranteed – excluding those in service by prison guards due to the abnormal wear and tear.

5. How do I return my item?
Just go to our Warranty Info page for instructions.

6. How do I remove the pin from the Extension Tool?
A photo demonstration is provided in our Product Demo section.

7. How do I find a ZAK Tool Dealer near me?
Click here to visit our Dealer Locator page and find one near you.

9. How do I become a dealer?
Click here to visit our Dealer Application page.