Tactical Handcuff Keys

Handcuff keys are of a standard design and are compatible with all standard series handcuffs. All keys are made of heat treated stainless steel and are designed to provide an indefinite period of service. Because of the high grade material and craftsmanship employed, it is possible and practical for us to offer an unlimited lifetime guarantee.
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ZT 7P Carbon Fiber Flat Grip Key

ZT 9P Flat Knurl Swivel Key - Polymer

ZT 9P-PNK Flat Knurl Swivel Key - Polymer
ZT 10 Round Swivel Key - Silver
ZT 10-PNK Round Swivel Key - Pink
ZT 11 Round Swivel Key - Black
ZT 11-LG 5" Large Grip - Swivel Key - Black
ZT 11P Carbon Fiber Swivel Key - Black
ZT 11S Short Round Swivel Key - Black
ZT 11X
ZT 12C
ZT 13
ZT 11X Round Swivel Key - Polymer
ZT 12C Carbon Fiber Pocket Key - Black
ZT 13 Aluminum Pocket Key - Silver
ZT 13-BLU Aluminum Pocket Key - Blue
ZT 13-GRAY Aluminum Pocket Key - Gray
ZT 13-GRN Aluminum Pocket Key - Green
ZT13 Orange
ZT13 Pink
ZT13 Pink
ZT 13-ORN Aluminum Pocket Key - Orange
ZT 13-PNK Aluminum Pocket Key - Pink
ZT 13-PRPL Aluminum Pocket Key - Purple
ZT 13-RED Aluminum Pocket Key - Red
ZT 13-YLW Aluminum Pocket Key - Yellow
ZT 14 Aluminum Pocket
Key - Black
ZT14P Pocket Key-Polymer
ZT15 Extension Tool
ZT 14P Pocket Key - Polymer
ZT 14XL 5" Large Grip Aluminum Pocket  Key - Black
ZT 15 Extension Tool w/ Key - Swivel
ZT 15P Extension Tool
ZT15 SW Extension Tool
ZT17 Concealable

ZT 15P Extension Tool w/ Key - Pocket

ZT 15-SW Extension Tool
for Smith & Wesson issue key (only) - Swivel
ZT 17 Concealable Belt Keeper Key - Removable
ZT 21
ZT 25
ZT100 Flag Key
ZT 21 Alloy Steel Pocket Key - Black
ZT 25 Flat Grip Key w/ Zak Logo - Black
ZT 50 Standard handcuff key - Gold Plated (12 pack)
ZT 57
ZT70B 5 ZT99 Survival Key Kit
ZT 57 Combo Pocket Window Punch & Handcuff Key - Black
ZT 70B 5" Corrections Cuff Key
ZT 99 Survival Key Holder - Black 2-Pc set
ZT100 Flag Key DHS-KEY Swivel Key Covert Key
ZT 100 Swivel Key with USA Flag - Black DHS-KEY Swivel Key with Dept of Homeland Security Medallion. Limited Edition COVERT KEY Black, non-metallic . Size: 0.5" x 0.8". Weight: 0.014 oz.

Laser Engraving

Products may be customized with Logo art or text – minimum order 100. Please inquire via fax or email for further information, pricing, and production details.

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