Halligan Tools

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ZT 41-36 shown
ZT 85-30 Entry Tool
The Halligan Tactical Entry Tool was designed for use by law enforcement and fire/rescue personnel for accomplishing forcible entry into buildings, vehicles and other locked enclosures.

The working ends of the tool will perform a diversity of tasks including prying, pounding, and puncturing the tubular steel handle reduces the overall weight while enhancing leverage, controll and balance during use.

The material used as well as the manufacturing process involved are the best available and are backed with a full lifetime guarantee.

Halligan Tactical Entry Tools feature:
• Heat Treated Stainless Steel Heads   • Commercial gas valve shut-off
• Driver for hydrant socket   • Lightweight sure-grip handle.
• Unique hammer head feature for battering or use as flat wedge impact point.
• Flat Wedge for door breaching; both structure & vehicle. Miscellaneous lifting and prying
• Pry foot has high arch fulcrum point for increased lifting & prying force. Forked prying tang for pulling lag bolts and heavy nails.
• Pointed tang for digging, pulling, puncturing, lock hasp removal, liftin, security screen removal.
Available in 4 different sizes and 2 styles. See here for additional colors
Part # Description Colors/Finish Length Weight
ZT 41-24 24" Halligan Tool Black 24" xx lbs.
ZT 41-30 30" Halligan Tool Black 30" xx lbs.
ZT 41-36 36" Halligan Tool Black 36" xx lbs.
ZT 41-42 42" Halligan Tool Black 42" xx lbs.
ZT 85-30 30" Entry Tool Heat-treated Alloy Steel with a Powder Coat Finish 30" 9 lbs.
ZT 85-36 36" Entry Tool Heat-treated Alloy Steel with a Powder Coat Finish 36" 11 lbs.
  Brackets   ZT82
ZT 82 Halligan Mounting Brackets (Pair) Black - holds items 1" to 2.5" in diameter.
Mini Halligans
Part # Description Colors Length Weight
ZT 44 Mini Pry Axe Black 25" 5.75 lbs.
ZT 45 Mini Pry Axe Silver / Orange 25" 5.75 lbs.
ZT 46 Mini Halligan with Pike Silver / Orange 23" 5.5 lbs.
ZT 47 Mini Halligan (without Pike) Silver / Orange 23" 5.25 lbs.
ZT 48 Mini Halligan with Pike Black 23" 5.5 lbs.
ZT 49 Mini Halligan (without Pike) Black 23" 5.25 lbs.
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